03 December 2014

I found out where all the Nissan/Datsun L18s are! Short block of the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

I was rambling in an earlier post about the rarity of the Nissan L18 engine and a little disappointed that I could not locate a unit(safe for the rusted unit) in any of the engine yards.

Lo and behold workshop owner and mechanic friend, Mr. Canisius Chong, posted to me the following pics of three units of L18s including multiple gearboxes at, of all places, a junk metal scrapyard!

Hmmm...no oil cap. Rust warning. This one looks like a carbureted unit. Possibly SSS A87! The other 2 units seems to be Bosch L-Jetronic EFI. Hopefully, all three will have the "more" counterweighted cranks.

I decided to buy all of them. Sold to me by the per kg basis. :-)

Apparently, there were more under the pile of scrap metal. :-)

A day earlier another workshop owner and mechanic friend, Mr. Ng Guan Fatt (Western readers by now know that Ng is the sir name), who had just about thrown away all the L engines he ever had save for an L18 A8740 stamped crank with minor surface rust. He gave it to me! Thanks :-)!

It went straight for light journal polishing of which I will make a post later. It'll be interesting to check the radius sizing on this versus my LZ18 crank. Well, at least I could still compare the con-rod journal radii.


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