19 November 2014

Engine details Part 3: Dismantling the LZ18 engine of the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo

I spent today dismantling the LZ18 engine that I had put back together in 1993.

The reason was to remove the crankshaft completely, pack it ready for transport and ship it to the Greater Bay Area, California of the United States. Crankshaft will undergone restoration of con-rod journals and nitriding, details of which I will post when completed.

Pictures were taken today with my handphone. It is not always easy to take pictures while working on an engine.
Figure 1
Figure 2

Figure 3

The dismantling of the intake and exhaust components, dry sump pump and alternator was completed. Bottom pan and valve cover were both removed. Tomorrow will start to remove the front pulley, front-cover and the flywheel before unbolting all the con-rod ends and main bearing caps.

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