22 December 2014

A rare view today...A 1973-1977 Datsun 160J SSS P710 Violet

Saw a rare Datsun 160J SSS P710 Violet in a depot area today. My first reaction was "Retro" and somebody fortunate and with a keen sense of value for Nissan/Datsun had found this car. I believe whoever it was will certainly restore it to its former glory!

Figure 1
Body has some bogging but straight generally.

Figure 2
Hmmm...missing that rear plastic piece! Some cracks to that very rare rear lights.

What can I say? Wish it was mine! I am encouraged to look harder for one!

Figure 3
Very straight IMO

This just tells me that cars like that are hidden all over the country. One just needs to spend the time looking for them or pass the word around.

Figure 4
Somewhat dilapidated interior...expected.

Figure 5
Restorer's dream.

Car has been sitting unprotected under the sun for a long time, some years I reckon. Rust is still not too bad actually.

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