24 November 2014

Engine details Part 6: Crankshaft collar gear removal of the 1974 Datsun 160j SSS KP710 Violet Turbo

The right tool makes light work. Over engineered approach is usually safer. I could not risk chipping any of the teeth of this collar gear as there would be no replacement. So I had to look for the right sized gear puller of which I found one. It is bevelled on one side and flat on the other. I opted for the flat side to even out the loading on the gear collar back.

Figure 1
Came out easy with this puller!
Out came the gear collar easily. The three woodruff keys on the crank snout seems fairly tightly wedged in. I wouldn't bother taking them out as previous experience usually means replacement keys will be called for.

Figure 2
3 woodruff keys.

Collar gear of the LZ18 feature straight cut gears that drives a series of gears so that further up the block, the short chain to drive the dual camshafts can enjoy tighter cam timing and less chain whiplash effect.

Just out of interests, Osamu Okazaki of OS Giken planned to revive a new TC16 head for the L-series 4 cylinder engines featuring a similar gear drive system all the way to the camshafts with no intervening chains called the TC16-C1. A real performance masterpiece, IMHO.

Refer here: OS Giken's revived TC16-C1 head for L-series 4 cylinders

Figure 3
A rare piece. Gears are heat treated from the colours seen.

This LZ18 crankshaft is, in my opinion, worth the restoration effort I have intended for it. To have the main bearing journals restored to stock and have the disturbed radius transition restored as well. Furthermore I deem it a blessing that the con-rod journals were good as these are the more highly stressed areas as compared the main bearing journals.

Nismo's once available through the U.S. distribution channel to the English speaking world L18 factory optional crank only has 6 larger 14mm bolt holes according to my available literature.

Figure 4
Some references.

Figure 5
A very rare LZ18 crankshaft with 8 flywheel bolt holes. Nismo's once available L18 factory option crankshaft in the US features 6 flywheel bolt holes according to available literature.
Next to pack this crank properly for shipping out to the U.S. for restoration of the main journals and radius.

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