09 February 2015

Factory racing wheels made by Kobe Seiko..also known as "Gotti"..of the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo

My first post of 2015 made when I saw on the web pictures of the racing wheels on several blog sites:

Site no.1:

Site no.2:
This is an awesome "retrospective" blog site of restoration of rare Japanese/European/American cars of the sixties to the eighties mostly made by uncle Ryo. Enjoy with Google translate if needed!

Site no.3:

The original "Gotti" wheels (of which Gotti never had such a design) were, as I suspected, forged in magnesium in very limited quantities by Kobe Seiko for the works racing cars of Nissan Datsun in the early seventies and was never sold to the public. I was right in my earlier ramblings about the Nissan "hamburger" mark :-). Of late, Watanabe makes replicas of the wheels, also with the "hamburger" mark given the tremendous growing interests in the "Retro" cars of today.

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