01 September 2015

FJ24 engine removed at the body welding shop...Group B Nissan 240RS BS110

The FJ24 engine...

I intend to give it a top overhaul after such a long storage. Would want to check condition of the valve train, cylinder block and the bottom end bearings before starting it up again.

Mikuni 50 PHHs of the FJ24 engine.

Kameari Japan still make parts for the FJ20, a large portion of which can be adapted for this rare FJ24.

Only around 200 units were made!

This being the FJ24 Group B proper version. There was rumored to be an evolution cylinder head that came too late when Group B was suddenly banned starting in 1987.

A Tilton double plate with red clutch cover and steel flywheel. Being UK prepared, not surprising at all.

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