18 August 2015

LZ18(4V) Dual Mikuni 50 PHHs...Datsun 120Y B210

Carburettors adopted for the NA version of my LZ18(4V) were based on the Mikuni(Solex) 50 PHH series.

These have been in shelf storage for as long as the engine. The accelerator pump diaphragm may need to be replaced. The carbs will also need to have every component removed, checked and cleanse by air blast. Some dental floss stick available in 2015 may help!

I am missing a stack of original Mikuni main jets that accompanied the engine when I bought it! they were stored in a rectangular piece of rubber with 40 holes. That was a stack of 40 main jets in 10 sets of 4 similar ones! :-(

This was the original set as fitted to my Datsun 120Y B210 LZ18(4V). Mikuni 50PHHs.

I remember buying this spare set of brand new unused Mikuni 50 PHHs in the early 90s from a friend who sourced them from Nissan Motorsports USA back in the 80s. Ram pipes were longer than those fitted to my LZ18(4V).

Measuring them up for some wonderful K&N filters now available in 2015!

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  1. 50phh mikunis are very hard to come by now.. Im only on 40phh