19 August 2015

LZ18 Dry Sump Pump Drive System...Datsun 120Y B210

My Datsun 120Y B210 LZ18 engine belts were very aged in 2015...The dry sump belt had already snapped when I pulled on it. Rubber was all hardened and the fibreglass reinforcements were all frayed. This was after storage of around 18 years.

The black belt was the original belt fitted on my LZ18(4V). The two 'greenish yellow' belt sourced were the wrong ones as measured by the bearing shop I went to. I decided to find out more about belts and discovered that since the 70s, Nissan had adopted the 'L' neoprene type of timing belts with a pitch of 9.525mm and width of 12.7mm. Belt was 63 teeth long for my engine. Pump adopted was manufactured by Tsubakimoto.

Tsubakimoto dry sump pump. Aluminium 'L' pulley removed.

Fortunately, I have the LZ18 and LZ20B manual in English. I also have the manual in Japanese!

Engine dry sump drive pulley...T15 or 15 teeth 'L' type pitch 9.525mm.

'L' Pump pulley...36 tooth aluminium...Today one could order in online a CNC'ed pulley by giving dimensions of the holes needed. This particular pulley had suffered some wear on the teeth (photo showing edge looks good but worn where belt seats). Corrosion from long storage was also a problem.

Black neoprene 'L' type 12.7mm wide with a pitch of 9.525mm is the correct belt type.

The correct belts were ordered. Length of 63 teeth.

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