25 October 2014

Exhaust pipe of the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

From 1993 till 21 years later today in 2014, I, all the more realised that every piece of component of the Datsun 160J SSS 710 Turbo Violet is just as rare as the car itself. So I began to search for bits of the car, that over the years, had been dismantled and placed in several locations.

Recently, I had decided to take on the project of restoring the car to its original condition, well, as far as possible. First off, I remember the rusty exhaust pipe that had been taken off and considered "junk" thinking at that time in 1993 of all the options available from the local muffler shop. Thankfully I found it in its already "mint" condition unchanged much.

Figure 1
Found the old exhaust pipe! Made from a
flexible pipe.

I also remembered the stainless steel pipe tip that occupied the specially fabricated rectangularly-shaped recess cut-out for an exhaust gateway under the passenger door. That too was found.

Figure 2
To my delight, I found the stainless steel exhaust tip that occupies a rectangular
cut under the passenger door.
The pipe end that fits onto the turbine outlet is a solid machined piece welded to another curved section forming the downpipe. From there onwards the pipe itself is a 4-inch flexible steel pipe with a spring like groove all along the pipe. Today one could use an aluminised flexible steel exhaust pipe as replacement, I guess.

Figure 3
Round flange with machined piston ring groove.
White grease hides the groove.
Fits to turbine outlet.
A section of curved steel pipe forms the
downpipe before the flexible section.

The pipe fits onto the turbo turbine outlet via a piston ring and ring groove on the pipe end much like a piston into a cylinder bore.

Figure 4
Stainless steel megaphone tip.

Deemed a collectible piece of 40 year old tech is this stainless steel flattened funnel or megaphone tip.

Figure 5
Exhaust cut-out recess under door from side view.

Figure 6
Exhaust pipe tunnel gangway. In-car view.
Zinc chromate paint to prevent rusting.
Figure 7
Exhaust pipe tunnel gangway. Downpipe section.

Figure 8
Exhaust gangway under the car.

View from a completed scale model by a Japanese site of the 1/24 Nichimo scale model "Nissan Violet Turbo", refer: http://rally037.web.fc2.com/gar49.html

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