28 October 2014

Tyres in 2014 for the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

What tyres can one get today for this 1974 race car if it was built back to running conditions in this post millennium year of 2014?

Figure 1
Old Pirellis on front wheels. Wheels have four pressure relief bolt holes for inflation seating tyre beads into rim lips.
The original deteriorated and hardened slicks were mindlessly discarded without regard in 1993. So back to the web and the search continued till I discovered this special tubeless threaded tyre called the post historic CR82 of a modern compound made by Dunlop for enthusiasts of just such cars :-))!

Figure 2
Rear 12-inch wide 15-inch dia magnesium alloy wheels. Bead seating pressure relief plugs are provided.

The rear wheels measured 12 inches wide, rim lip to lip whilst the front was 9 inches. These were magnesium 15 inch diameter wheels I've not ever come across otherwise from 1974!

Figure 3
Rear 15-inch dia Magnesium alloy wheels.

The rims are still in very good condition despite the paint and will be restored with cleaning and new paintwork soonest.

The joy of discovering CR82 tyres by Dunlop was short-lived as I then read with horror that Dunlop Birmingham of UK(the factory) with the special moulds just closed in May 2014, yes, this year. However, I then read with some relief that Dunlop promises to continue making these special use tyres.

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