02 November 2014

Night shots and calculating road going tyres for the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo LZ18.

It's a beautiful Sunday to blog. Love the shape of the car! Thought I'll take some shots to remember the restoration itself.

Figure 1

Earlier I had mooted the idea of getting the Dunlop CR82 Post Historic tyres but since I do not think of track time as an option yet, it'll do much better and cheaper with available road tyres. The trick I believe is to get the size of width and height to equate to what some real(Not available anymore :-(...) slicks from 1974 would have looked like.

Also the 1/24 Nichimo scale model is in my opinion quite a good model given the scale of things although not a completely accurate reproduction of what the Datsun 160J SSS 710 Violet Turbo should look like. I'll say the Nichimo scale model does stand a touch too high(ground clearance wise...) and certain portions of the bodywork differed. I do, after all, have a real car to check out! I will in future post another blog on this matter alone.

Refer to:http://racedunlop.com/vintage.php and check the "Post Historic" section.

Front tyres(tires):
Back to the Dunlop CR82 table, the front tyres for my 9-inch wide 15-inch dia. wheels would require the 430/1160-15 which gives an overall diameter of 23.7 inches. In 2014, the 225/50R15 tyres  of section width 8.9 inches would give overall diameter of about (225x0.50x2/25.2)+15 = 23.9 inches. With a good width and slight spreading of the tyre walls I would be close to the targeted ballpark figure of 23.7 inches :-).

Rear tyres:
Rims are 12-inch wide 15-inch dia. wheels. 530/1360-15 gives me overall dia. of 25.7 inches. A set of 295/50R15 tyres of section width 11.6 inches would be (295x0.50x2/25.4)+15 = 26.6 inches in overall diameter and after slight spreading of the tyre walls on install, again I'll be happy with 26 inches rear diameter :-). Both front and rear would have the "wide" look as well.

I'd expect to pay about one fifth of the total costs of importing the Dunlop CR82s.

Back to admiring some night shots:

Figure 2

And one more for a good night's rest...

Figure 3

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