31 October 2014

Rear air spoiler of the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

This story happened earlier than finding that rear piece of boot lid plastic that spans the rear lights. I was stumped as to whether in 1993, the car came fitted with the rear air spoiler. It was, after all  21 years ago and I hadn't seen the Violet Turbo with the same intensity(interests) as I do today.

Figure 1
Bare back fibreglass boot lid missing both spoiler and rear finisher plastic plate.
In the years in between, the car had been put here and there and pieces go missing.

And so began my detective work to try and remember. Also I did still have photos of an old storage garage and to my surprise I saw an item that looked very much like a rear air spoiler.

Figure 2
Yup, air spoiler alright. DATSUN 160J clearly printed.
With that info I scoured the old places and wouldn't you guess it, I've found it!

Figure 3
Good condition.
Figure 4
Needs only a fresh coat of paint with some rust treatment for the bolts and plates.
Lesson learnt today for the young "old race car" collector, never disassemble any parts that you won't fit back in 24 hours.

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