05 November 2014

Road going tyres for the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

Vintage or Post Historic are the terms one would hear in 2014 if tyres are needed for the Violet Turbo befitting its very unique set of 15-inch diameter magnesium alloy wheels. Dunlop Post Historic CR82 threaded tyres are one such available option today.

I decided to look for road going tyres that would give about the same width and aspect ratio. As blogged earlier, 225/50R14 for the front and 295/50R15 for the rear.

Figure 1
Loading up to go tyre shop. Rear rims had old Pirelli P7s 285/40R15 on from since 1993.

Figure 2
Rare in this part of the world, a pair of 295/50R15 Cooper Cobra Radial GT was sought and bought for the rear.
Front tyres are Taiwanese Sonar.

Front tyres: 2 x Sonar SX-608 225/50 R15 91V

Rear tyres: 2 x Cooper Cobra Radial GT P295/50R15

Figure 3
Rear tyre installed on wheel.

Figure 4
Degreasing wheels.

Figure 5
Washing wheel to ready them for some spray painting.

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