09 November 2014

Power and torque specs of the 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

How much power and torque does this 1974 Group 5 2 litre turbocharged non-intercooled 4-cylinder 16-valve racing engine make?

Figure 1
Power and torque figures.
Projections are wild and I have seen blog sites quote bigger figures but I am reminded that this was way back in 1974 when turbocharging, wastegating, intercooling and blow-off valving was very much experimental. Porsche only released a 2nd version 930 turbo with intercooler in 1978.

Nichimo incidentally has some figures quoted for their yellow version of this race car of which I have no idea on its history nor facts but just for sake of knowing....

There we have it, 300ps and about 230 foot pounds torque. Considering that this car hasn't got an intercooler it would be close to the ballpark figure of a later normally aspirated Ford Zakspeed escort. Do note that maximum power and torque are delivered at lower RPMs courtesy of turbocharging.

With the use of lead and higher octane level of fuels back in the early 70s I believe this power figure is most likely the more 'practical' as opposed to 500ps which I've read elsewhere.

By the way, cars in the early 70s of 2 litres and under usually hovers around 70hp for the single carb to 120hp for the twin carbs. A figure of 300ps with 230 ft.lbs torque was extraordinary!

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