06 November 2014

Closeup for spray painting wheels of 1974 Datsun 160J SSS KP710 Violet Turbo.

Getting the wheels ready for spray painting. Of course one would ask why not without fitting on the tyres first? Well, scratches I thought and also I couldn't wait to see what the wheels with the tyres fitted on looks like. So it is settled, it shall be done this way...

Figure 1
Taping up.
Rims are already slightly sanded down with fairly rough sandpaper to remove lots of gunky, powderly oxidation maybe.

I noticed something that reminds me just how special or rare these 15-inch rims actually are. There are no other symbols or manufacturer stamps anywhere except for this.

Figure 2
Can you spot it?

Figure 3
This wheel might look clearer!

A raised embossing!

It looks like a symbol that reminds me this is the 1974 era Datsun label.

Figure 4

So theses mags are truly Datsun forged items :-)!

Figure 5
YRL...no idea what that means yet!

Figure 6
Spoke style of the rims.

Figure 7
Mount side of rims.

Figure 8
For your eyes only.

Figure 9
Almost ready.

It being an overcast day with high humidity and rain in the horizon, I'll probably delay priming till I find a nice hot afternoon!

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