25 August 2015

A Group B Nissan 240RS BS110 Rally Car

Originally prepared in the UK by Blydenstein Racing Ltd is the following Nissan 240RS Group B rally car. It was brought in to Malaysia, I would guess, in the mid 80s.

This particular car has had a long history of truly earning its keep as it was designed for, a rallying life in the hands of several well known local drivers. It was even campaigned outside of Malaysia going up to Thailand.

Car was sold to me in around 1994-1995 if my memory serves me right. Came with two sets of spare wheels, an engine manual, a spare diff and other miscellaneous equipment that I don't remember where now. This particular car is the dry sump-ed version versus wet sump models. It was known that Malaysia had a couple of these 240RS in the 90s and common knowledge then that a wet sump model also existed.

Car had been sitting in storage(under shed) for almost 2 decades now after initial use for the first couple of years. It was completely operational in 1994 and today in 2015, due to improper long storage preparation, rust in the body(caused by rats!) and accompanying drivetrain means it's time I take a look at this retro era Group B masterpiece! Time for restoration!

I'll let the pictures do the talking....

The UK company commissioned by Nissan to prepare the Nissan 240RS to Group B specs.

The airbox and ignition module was stolen whilst in a workshop. Fortunately, all other equipment remained intact!

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