16 August 2015

Restoring the Datsun 120Y B210 Body...Datsun 120Y B210 LZ18

I made a mistake.

I had decided in the late 1990s to put in an SR20DET into this Datsun 120Y. It was such a horrendous thing to do to this car looking back from 2015. The most fortunate thing was that I had kept all the original drivetrain, engine and accessories intact.

I have arranged to have the car restored back to the condition that it was in originally with the LZ18(4V). The 14-inch Minilite-look race 8 spoke wheels were swapped for this set of 16-inch as the Yokohama Advan slicks were no longer available. Now I'm thinking of swapping back the original 14-inch once I get a set of suitable road tyres.

The fibreglass wheel arches both front and rear will be fitted back!

Ouch! An SR20DET. It will be taken out ASAP.

All the original brake fluid remote mount filler bottles are still intact and will be restored.

Brake fluid remote bottle...one can just see it here. Fortunately, I had kept it all intact!

Body rust was minimal and the entire car body was checked and will be repaired where necessary before a new coat of epoxy black paint is reapplied.

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