22 August 2015

Formula Pacific L14-4V engine, An old brochure back when one could still buy it!

The following are the 10 pages of a very old Japanese brochure back when the L14 Formula Pacific engine could be purchased new.

Brochure was copied for me by a warm and friendly Australian Nissan Motorsports parts supply shop back in the 1990s when I had enquired for LZ parts with them. By then, this engine was already of historical value and the best they could do for me was this brochure :-)!

There are many precious bits of history and information that one could glean from these pages by looking closely.

I have uploaded these elsewhere but just in case you, the reader, haven't seen it.

Only for the Nissan racing engine enthusiasts would the following pages be of any value :-).

Clicking on the photo will bring up a clearer view if needed.

Yummy option of both downdraught and sidedraught Webers! Even when the Solex/Mikuni were the favourite Japanese equivalent at that time.

Z-Ring seal/gasket combo used then.

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