22 August 2015

Exhaust manifold of the LZ18(4V)...Datsun 120Y B210

The Cosworth BD series has a 4 studs per exhaust port version that came out with the 2-litre version of the BDG. This Nissan LZ18(4V) shared the same exhaust port design with that BDG in a very similar way. Exhaust path a little longer and joins the manifold flange vertically versus the inclined 3 studs per port version of the BDA.

Stud nuts were easier to get access to!

Construction of the 4-2-1 manifold is all stainless steel but rusty from long storage.

The Datsun 120Y B210 runs an unsilenced megaphone exhaust exiting from under the passenger side typical of most race Datsuns of that era. The megaphone exhaust was made from mild steel and had gone missing after a muffled exhaust was fitted that exited from the rear.

Some ugly repair may have been done to this exhaust manifold before I had purchased the car back in the 90s. Probably not from a TIG machine but an arc welder! :-(

Pipes look to be high quality stainless steel with mandrel bends and flaring at oval ends of the flange appropriately strengthened by reinforcement pieces top and bottom.

Will need to fabricate a set of exhaust flange gaskets!

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