17 August 2015

View today in 2015 of LZ18(4V) engine as stored from the late 1990s...Datsun 120Y B210

I have a time machine :-)!

Yes, this engine has been sitting in storage for a good 17-20 years or so, if I remember right.

Ripe for a proper restoration to running condition.

The cylinder head gasket runs the Nissan motorsport sealing ring/gasket combination that is today no longer available. I might still have a piece or two of the gasket. Have been thinking of preparing another L18 block to accept Kameari's L4 metal headgasket of t=1.2mm and bore of 90.5mm. No sealing ring/gasket combination needed.

For the LZ18...trick is the cut the gasket at the front and seal the vacant spots with silicone. The gear drive system increases the length of the gasket by about 5mm at the front. I might post another blog in future to show this.

Cam followers of my LZ18(4V) cylinder head were replaced with FJ20 items after cracks were discovered.

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