23 August 2015

Kameari's metal head gasket available today in the new millennium 2015...160J Violet Turbo and 120Y B210

I think Japan's Kameari engine parts manufacturer is a real delight to any retro car enthusiast bent on restoring their performance Datsuns or Toyotas. One of their engine components that has caught my attention is the metal head gasket for both the Datsun L and FJ series available in varying thicknesses and less so bore diameter.

Try looking for a metal head gasket that will suit the LZ18(4V)'s 89mm bore today! Assuming a fresh block is used without use of the Z-ring seal/gasket combo. No one else today in 2015, AFAIK, makes a performance orientated head gasket with a 90.5mm bore diameter for the Datsun/Nissan L other than Kameari and much less so the LZ.

Kameari's excellent and available in 2015 range of metal head gasket for the Datsun L and FJ series engines. According to their catalog, these are the bead type design metal head gaskets.

This being the t=1.2mm thick 90.5mm bore gasket. My thoughts were to prepare a fresh L18 block to a bore of 89mm without use of the Z-ring seal recess of the past. This would be for the LZ18(4V) of the Datsun 120Y B210.

A t=1.5mm also of 90.5mm bore dia. which I believe could be used in a freshly prepared L18 block to replace the turbocharged LZ18 (1st Gen)'s 89mm bore Z-ring sealed block.

A t=1.5mm of 93mm bore dia. metal head gasket for the FJ24 engine. I have a unit belonging to a Group B Nissan 240RS Rally car! :-)

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